Apply to join an amazing community of female creatives

Apply to join an amazing community of female creatives


Hello beautiful creative woman! We are so excited you have landed on our site and want to join our community. Through our directory we look forward to promoting the work of our community, foster increased client outreach, collaborations, and friendships. We will be using our directory to pick our next interviewees on Freelance Wisdom, our sister site. The small one-time fee of $45 is so that we can keep this free resource available and cover the costs of running the website. We are so appreciative of your support and can't wait to have you join our community! Check out some of our testimonials below from current members.

The application form will be included during checkout. Have your website link, instagram link, a short bio, and a link to a profile picture at the ready! xo

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“Joining the Creative Lady Directory is one of the best investments I've made! It has landed me my highest paying client and every inquiry I receive is of the best quality.”

- Megan, Letterform Creative


“One of my biggest clients found me through here. They are about 80% of my current workload and are the client that pushed me into full-time freelancing from part-time freelancing. I also receive a ton of referrals to my portfolio site through the directory!”

- Leslie, Ephemera Studio